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Book Launch

Since my book was published in late 2020, readers have been reaching out to me. It is an incredible honour to learn how someone encountered and experienced my story and how easily readers, especially women and birth workers, launch into sharing their own stories with me. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are universal experiences for the female sex and so, it seemed fitting to invite Book Clubs to read and discuss Being Born, via the questions listed below.

I’d also be delighted to join your discussion for a Q&A via Zoom, if that is what your group would like. Please contact me via

Thank you for reading my story!

  1. Every birth experience is unique. In what way has Jodie’s memoir resonated with you?
  2. As a mother/parent, midwife, or activist, how did this book make you feel? Did it enthuse you in your role, or have the opposite effect?
  3. Would it have made a difference to you if there were pictures? Why do you think Jodie chose not to include any of the pictures or news articles described in the story?
  4. As this memoir illustrates, advocacy is generally unpaid work. What are the pros and cons of unpaid advocacy?
  5. Motherhood, daughterhood, spousehood are universal experiences. Did anything distance you from the story?
  6. Who, of all the personalities included in Jodie’s story, would you like to have a private conversation with? Why?
  7. The activism described in this book focuses on improving the conditions in which mothers birth and into which babies are born. Does it matter to you how babies are born?
  8. What is the significance of the title of this book? The number of Acts and Chapters?
  9. In observing your own reading, were there glaring omissions or differences in comparing Jodie’s story with the time and location of your lived experience?
  10. Would you recommend this book to first time mothers? Their partners and family? Someone who experienced birth trauma? Birth workers, advocates and educators? Who is the target audience?

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